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Welcome To Tick That Box

We’ll help Free up your time so you can do more of the things you enjoy.

Tick That Box is a Personal Assistant & Concierge service helping Business Owners, FIFO’s and busy people get their tasks completed so that you can spend more time doing what’s important to you.

Because everybody has a to do list!

Here are some of our Services…

Office & Small Business Help

Are you looking for short term help to cover for staff absences or for a project?

Then Tick That Box can help. I recently provided cover for an office manager that was away on annual leave for a month. The client was very happy with the service provided and the good news is that he will call me when the manager is next on leave – a great return on investment for him as I am already trained in the process and procedures and can provide immediate cover.

Home & General

Have you got the relatives coming to stay or is your home office out of control?

Then Tick That Box can help. I recently helped a lovely lady sort out her home office. We divided the room into two areas so that she had her office separate from her arts and crafts. Everything had a home and she knew where to find things. She sent me a message after we had completed the work and said “I cant believe how much better the room looks and how much better I feel about this space”.

Wait For Services

Don’t take time away from your business or use your annual leave to wait for the furniture delivery or for Telstra.

Tick That Box can wait in your home allowing you to get on with your day and saving your time for the important things in life. I recently help a lady who was hosting a home wedding for her brother. As she was part of the main wedding party, I waited in her home to take delivery of the catering, to receive the guests into the home and to make sure that everyone had drinks. I was very honored to be part of a special day and it really helped take the stress away.

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